AI Backed Route Optimizer

AI Backed Route Optimizer

uRoute optimization engine map searches for thousands of possibilities and recommends you the best way forward. Our artificial intelligence engine will automatically map out the best route to complete your deliveries while recommending you new jobs to take up, while on the way to the next delivery location, maximizing your capacity and efficiency.

AI Backed Route Optimizer

What is an AI Backed Route Optimizer?

Your 'intelligent route assistant', AI Backed Route Optimizer, can arrange your route for you and learn your preferences like home, endpoints, and break time. uRoute is an app that helps drivers plan and optimizes their delivery routes. The uRoute optimization engine map goes through thousands of options and suggests the optimal course of action. 
While on your approach to the next delivery location, our artificial intelligence engine will automatically map out the optimal route to finish your deliveries while also suggesting additional projects to take on, increasing your capacity and efficiency.


Benefits of AI Backed Route Optimizer

Route Optimizer

You can now use an AI Backed Route optimizer 

  • Concentrate on driving; your route helper will design your trip according to your choices.
  • It will help you save 95% of your planning time by eliminating the need for paper and pen.
  • Reduce idle time and increase vehicle running time; avoid wasting mileage by traveling to the wrong drop first.
  • uRoute works for both man and machine time. Enter break times, personal commitments, and client preferences to find the most efficient path for you.
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